LinkedIn is no doubt a fantastic platform for B2B marketing. Especially with the current COVID situation where we need to reach people even more digitally! But how can you measure LinkedIn ROI for your organic content marketing? Are you missing a trick?

Digital activities have certainly made marketing measurement easier. We can quickly run off and analyse the data. But there are obvious and more subtle ways you can do this when it comes to measuring the success of your content on LinkedIn.

Here are our top 3 ways to measure content marketing ROI on LinkedIn…

1. The obvious measures – your shout out fans and the stats

It’s really important to track your brand/organisation’s stats on LinkedIn but also your personal stats. We find you’ll get different engagement levels and types of engagement with each. We find for example that people/team focused brand posts generally create more traction than product/service posts.

You can measure all sorts of things on LinkedIn including:
• Number of connections
• How many post likes
• How many post comments
• Number of clicks
• Engagement rate

The stats are certainly helpful to measure which posts gained the most engagement. But, don’t miss the less obvious measures too!

2. The less obvious measures – your secret fans and brand awareness

Being the social media ‘likes’ culture that we all live in – most people immediately look at how many likes they have. Be honest, have you thought before “why don’t I have more likes?” “People don’t like my content”, etc, etc!

Likes aren’t the be all and end all. Looking at the number of organic impressions is a great way to see your post reach and how many times it’s appeared in people’s news feeds. How many post views you’ve had is also another good indicator. For us personally, we have lots of clients that say to us “I’ve seen you’ve posted X content on LinkedIn recently”. They haven’t noticeably liked/commented on our posts but they have seen them, remembered them and recalled them.

Don’t forget to ask your current/prospective customers what they’ve seen recently. This will add crucial insights to the more obvious stats!

3. The proofs in the pudding – direct conversations and enquiries

The ultimate ROI measure is of course direct client conversations and enquiries! Typically, we’ve found that enquiries can come via a number of different avenues. Here are a few you might like to try…

• Use hashtags to search for people looking for suppliers
• Keep an eye out for people asking for quotes – refer your trusted partners and they’ll repay the favour and refer you too
• Use a digital add-on to automatically connect with new contacts so you’re always growing your audience with the right type of people
• Send out tailored/personal LinkedIn messages that add value – don’t go hard sell and keep the relationship going!


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This latest thinking article was written by:

Becky Reardon

Managing Director