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Integrating your marketing activities can have a big impact on the success of your marketing campaigns. According to Forrester, 86% of marketing professionals agree that integrated marketing, channelled into one concise strategy, is vital to their success.

What’s involved? Integrated marketing is the generation of consistent campaign messages that are rolled out across multiple channels such as your website, social media, events, PR etc. At the centre of the best integrated campaigns is the target audience and a clear objective. Here are 6 steps to generate successful integrated marketing campaigns…


1. Strategise
It’s tempting to get excited about a new idea and jump straight in, but challenge yourself first before you invest your time and money, to make sure you know who you are targeting, how you will reach them, what you need to achieve and how you will measure success.

Digital marketing offers us lots of opportunities with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and online adverts. But if our target customers aren’t using these channels or you haven’t got your messaging spot on, the success of your campaign could be limited.

2. Be Different
Make sure you stand out from the competition. Do some research into your competitors’ activities and then spot the gaps in areas that they aren’t talking about that you could talk about. We find it’s useful to look at industries outside of your own that you find interesting to take inspiration from.

Consider striking copy, strong imagery or a new animated approach to demonstrate your different. Keep it simple and communicate your different on a regular basis so that your message sticks with your target audience. Don’t be too constrained by your brand. Look at the flexibility of Google Doodle. It’s great to see Google’s branding represented in a different way, maximising engagement every time we use their search engine.

3. Generate compelling content
Don’t be salesy. People want to be entertained and engaged with your content, not sold at. Put yourself in the audience’s shoes and think what would interest them. Quite frequently we find that posing a problem they are facing which you can solve is a pretty winning formula.

Keep your messages short and succinct with a clear call to action or way to engage with your content. Make sure you consider key words and search optimisation within your online content so that your target audience can find you via social media or your website.

4. Think multimedia
There are so many ways that we can engage our audience. What is their preference? Once you have generated your compelling content think about how this content could be used across multiple media such as email campaigns, social media posts, articles/blog posts, video, animation, infographics – the list is endless!

5. Think multichannel
How can your content be repackaged for use across multiple channels? If you have created an infographic for example, you could chop this up to form individual content/stats for use as separate posts on social media.

It’s about generating strong, compelling content and maximising the use – increasing your campaign reach and raising brand awareness. Don’t forget to create backlinks within your online content that drives traffic to the desired endpoint e.g. to visit your website and to contact you with an enquiry.

6. Increase brand awareness
To sum up, before you get stuck in, determine your marketing and campaign strategy, ensure your content makes you stand out from the competition ‘Be Different’, place yourself in your target audience’s shoes and make sure they will be interested and engaged in your content.

Once you’ve done all this it’s just down to determining the right way to communicate your messages and which media to choose and how best to reach your customers via multiple channels. Get your integrated marketing campaigns spot on and you’ll be increasing brand awareness and generating new enquiries before you know it – yay!

Do you need help with your integrated marketing campaigns? We work with our clients on everything mentioned above to maximise their brand reach and ultimately to grow their customer base.

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