We are in very uncertain times. But, there’s one thing which is certain, we must keep communicating. We must keep communicating with our clients, our internal teams and our suppliers.

Communicating to clients in the here and now

Many businesses have heightened risks at the moment and communication is a fundamental way to keep momentum and reassurance going. Key considerations at the moment, are of course reassuring our clients that we are operating as usual, and our teams that we have the appropriate safe steps in place.

Long-term communication strategy

But, failure in communications will no doubt come if we only think in the here and now. We need to be thinking what’s our long-term communication strategy and what will resonate with our stakeholders in these changing times.

Communicating the right messages in the right way

We are working with clients at the moment on internal and external communications for the here and now and for the rest of the year. Key factors for us, are ensuring that clients are communicating the messages that resonate, via appropriate channels at the right times. It’s about keeping brand awareness going and keeping sales pipelines as smooth as possible.

How’s Embrace adapting during COVID-19?

We are all fully up and running working from home. Each day we have a team video call to check in on how everyone is doing and to discuss what everyone’s working on each day. We also have lots of different communication channels for different purposes: WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, email and web calls. Offering our clients exactly the same quality of work is hugely important to us and we’re fortunate that we had lots of tried and tested processes in place before we started working from home. What’s been crucial for us is our project management tool Trello for tracking projects and team communication. Other vital processes for us are our thorough briefing documents, our creative process and quality checklists. Whilst it’s strange not physically being in the same room as each other, we’re all working hard to keep connected and business as usual.

Email us at hello@weareembrace.com if you’d like any advice on your communications.  

This latest thinking article was written by:

Becky Reardon

Managing Director