Before Coronavirus many organisations were full speed ahead. Many had exciting business and marketing plans that had started to be actioned for the year ahead. And then everything changed. Now, there is no going back. Picking up where we left off isn’t an option. Too much has changed, both physically and emotionally across the world. We must stop, reflect, rethink and come out strong.

At Embrace Marketing, we always have our pulse on brand evolution. We’ve all seen brand foundation shift to purpose led. And many find Sinek’s Golden Circle Model which leads with your ‘why’ (your purpose), an appropriate framework for brand building.

Embracing branding for growth

The strongest organisations grasp the importance of brand purpose and to live and communicate a clear difference they are making for their employees, customers, their industry and wider society. The best brands understand that a brand is more than just a mark, a colour scheme and consistent messaging. They get it that it’s the entire experience that you give to your customers. They know that as a strategic backbone to their organisation, a powerful brand empowers strength and growth.

A shift in mindset

If you haven’t caught onto the power of branding, now is the time to reflect and catch up. Because branding now needs to go even further. The Coronavirus has brought a marked shift in the way society is thinking and behaving. Gone is the ‘individual’ mindset as people shift to a more ‘collective’ mindset. They say that everything comes back around again as trends change. And with the restrictions in place and people’s health at risk ‘community spirit’ is back. The need for brand purpose and to ensure positive impact and a feeling of togetherness for your stakeholders, industry and society is even greater than before

A shift in our priorities

We’ve of course also been part of a rapid shift in the way we all work, our priorities and core areas of focus. The impact on industries and businesses is individual. But there are always opportunities and ways we can innovate, be agile and adapt our offerings. Now is the time to make our brands even more inspiring, exciting and engaging to make the most of every opportunity.

Maintain a healthy brand

Keeping a strong brand experience and brand awareness going at the moment is key. Your strong brand experience, will maintain and increase your retention rates and your strong brand awareness will keep you at the forefront of people’s minds, so when their need arises, they think of your brand first.

But whatever you do – get your messages spot on for your audience. People do not want your products and services pushed at them. They want to see you offering true value or true support for society.

Look out for my next article on evaluating brands for growth.


This latest thinking article was written by:

Becky Reardon

Managing Director