When we think about branding, some people think that it sits solely with the marketing department, to build a brand and to do a beautiful job of communicating what a brand is all about. However, in reality, service and experience are key selling factors and why customers will return to buy products from you again and again.

Problems arise when there is a misalignment between the expectations set by the brand and the experience that it delivers. The customer’s journey plays a key role. We need to think about every experience a customer has when interacting with a company and a brand, every step of the way.

It’s not just the visible contact points that you have with your customer throughout the journey, such as face-to-face meetings, phone calls or emails, it’s everything around these interactions too. Everyone in an organisation impacts on the overall customer’s journey and the experiences that they have along the way.

In our recent customer journey workshop for a global niche manufacturing company we created tasks that enabled employees to put themselves in their customers’ shoes. We worked with teams across all departments including marketing, sales, accounts, design, engineering, assembly and the after-care service team to map out their customers’ journey.

It involved thinking about every key task that individuals were involved in and how this impacted on the customer. Through underpinning their key activities with the company’s brand promise and external values, each of the teams highlighted how they could fulfil the brand promise in their key areas that impact on the customer.

It was important that the teams took away tangible actions and next steps, so we asked them to record their key learnings and challenges around delivering their key activities. We wanted to know how these learnings would be put into practice and who would do what and by when.

All of the findings were collated into an interactive PDF for the key managers to easily see where the gaps were and to ensure that the actions were put into practice.

One of the attendees commented that “Across the business the customer experience workshop got everyone thinking about other departments and their focus on the customer.’’

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