We have an internal initiative at Embrace Marketing called “FUEL” where we share the latest branding, design and marketing techniques as a team. With lots of inspiring trends out there in 2020, our design team thought they’d share their top trends with you.


Take a peek at the design trends that are dominating 2020:


1. Monochrome colour palettes

Monochromatic colour palettes are becoming increasingly popular and the trend looks set to last. A monochrome colour palette is essentially a colour theme which has one base colour and then a variation of different tones of that base colour. Monochrome allows us to create noticeable variation and a greater amount of contrast, whilst maintaining a sense of unity and balance within the design.


2. Geometric shapes

Geometry is one of the main foundations in any kind of art or design and geometric shapes are a great way to generate a simple, yet impactful design. Used in all kinds of visual graphics, design would not be where it is today without the concept of geometry. It may look simple, but to create unique and intriguing compositions takes a lot of considered planning and time.


3. Image and text masking

Masking is not a new technique, but it is one that we have picked out as a growing trend. Put simply, masking involves using different design elements or text to reveal parts of another image or design while leaving a large part unrevealed. It’s almost like creating a window in a piece of design. A great way to retain a minimalist look, it adds an extra dimension of depth and interest to a design.


4. Isometric illustrations

Isometric illustration is a great technique for creating simple 3D models and representations on a 2D platform. They have an almost cartoonish feel to them but by adding a lot of detail we can make them really effective. We can redesign anything in isometric, whether it be a building, a van, a laptop, a phone… redesigning objects like these provides greater depth amongst the image and stands out to the consumer. With motion design developing year on year, the use of isometric style in animation is becoming more intricate, resulting in more realistic 3D animations.


5. Artistic typography

With typography, there are no rules – you can do anything with type! Artistic typography is an outlet that we are running wild with due to the many different aspects of the trend. We are opting for more decorative font styles: the use of additional creative elements, shapes and flourishes give standard fonts a refresh which takes them to the next level. As long as the type is legible, we’re on the correct path for creating a ground-breaking piece of design.


6. Gradients

Gradients have found their way back into our lives in a big way which has led to its inclusion in our design trends. Due to the monotonous variations of gradients that were being used, they seemed to fade out of view for a while. Now gradients have bounced back! Proving a solution for us, we’re starting to experiment with colour, flow, and division in both static and animated design.


7. Line art/illustration

Line art is a simplified and refined illustration process and a great way of displaying ideas and concepts in a visual way. Due to the clarity and simplicity of this design technique, the style can be used in varying levels of quantity, without affecting the overall outcome of a design. The technique translates well across static print and screen graphics, but interestingly its fluid nature opens up a great opportunity when we’re creating animated designs!


8. Liquid design

Liquid design is a technique that promotes creativity, movement and flow. Whereas geometric shapes stick to uniformity and sharp lines, liquid design is all about subtle curves and bringing a softness to a piece of design. We like creating pieces of liquid design to show a forward-thinking mindset which does not abide to any rules. We have picked this as one of our design trends because liquid design offers us the chance to really experiment and create something totally unique for our clients.


Combining the latest trends with designs that will stand the test of time, we create visuals that will enhance your brand and communicate your different. Are you inspired to try any of the latest design techniques in your upcoming marketing? Contact us to take your designs to a whole new level. Visit embracemarketing.co.uk or email hello@weareembrace.com for more information.  

This latest thinking article was written by: Max Fish

Graphic and Digital Designer