Brand refresh rebrand agency

When you know that your brand doesn’t represent what you truly stand for, it’s time to make a change! Embrace has evolved significantly over the past few years and our brand had to represent what we stand for today and where our agency is heading. We wanted our brand to be vibrant, fresh, progressive and symbolic of our in-depth, strategic approach.

Our brand purpose remains the same, to get to the bottom of what makes brands’ different. But, we needed to better support this with what makes us different! Our new branding features Embrace’s core 4 step approach: See it, Be it, Do it, Check it. This in-depth process makes sure that everyone in our team deeply understands our clients, their objectives and what needs to be achieved.

Embrace has attracted a range of new clients this year, especially across manufacturing, technology, research and finance. We tend to appeal to innovative, progressive clients that want to take their brands to the next level. We help build and launch strong brands and boost brand awareness through engaging content and digital marketing activities.

It’s fortunate that we work with many of our clients on a long-term basis, as an extension to their marketing team. This way we can really see what’s working and what needs adapting throughout the year to achieve the best possible outcomes. Contact us to find out more.