We are excited to launch our new digital marketing model ‘REACH’. A five-step unique tool, REACH takes you on a strategic digital marketing journey from research and strategy through to implementation and measurement.


Digital marketing opens our door to a global market 24/7 and with such wide opportunities available to us, poor digital marketing limits our performance. REACH is a holistic model designed to take a deep dive into current digital marketing activities, identifying any weaknesses and highlighting opportunities to grow.

We’ve heard from new customers that they’d previously invested in search and SEO and that they’d failed to see ROI. At the forefront of Embrace’s REACH digital marketing approach is transparency and clarity. We generate strategic digital reports throughout our process to be clear on what is going on in the backend for example what keywords are you using vs. competitors? What keywords generate the most relevant traffic? Do you have strong SEO? Are there missing links or repeated SEO on pages which is hindering your website?

One of the main issues we see is that as an organisation’s website and digital marketing activities increase, volume of content becomes extensive, but digital strategy can become absent, misaligned or inconsistent. REACH places strategy at the forefront and makes sure that all of your digital activities sing from the same song sheet, generating one powerful source of brand awareness and enquiries.

Here’s how Embrace’s REACH digital marketing model works…

Research: We assess your current digital performance and compare it against your objectives and your competitors’ activities.

Evaluate: After determining what is stopping you from getting the results you want, we will recommend the changes you need to make as well as what can boost your digital presence even further.

Action: Action and Change work hand in hand. We’ll implement the actions needed to ensure your digital marketing strategy is a success.

Change: Continuously measuring and adapting your digital strategy is vital as digital marketing is a fluid process; for instance, our market place continues to evolve and search engines create new algorithms. 

Hook: Now you have a strong flow of relevant traffic, it’s essential to create the best user experience in order to generate quality leads.

Our Digital Director Ciarán has been the key lead in generating our REACH digital marketing model and here he explains the driving force behind REACH… “some of our clients have come to us saying that they have invested in their digital marketing with a different provider but they hadn’t seen the ROI that they were expecting. We felt that there was a gap to provide a full digital marketing solution which took a strategic approach to measure and interpret digital activities and to provide complete transparency in the work completed against objectives and ROI.”

To amplify your digital strategy, contact us for your complimentary REACH digital audit: https://embracemarketing.co.uk/free-digital-audit/