We are delighted to launch our new holistic brand model RiSE for organisations that are serious about growth. Launched in 2019 at the B2B Expo in London, the RiSE brand model enables organisations to use branding as a strategic tool to get ahead of the competition.


There are lots of brand models out there, but we felt that there was a gap to provide a solution which guided you through the entire brand journey from brand inception through to brand awareness and brand equity.

Embrace’s RiSE brand model takes you through four key areas: Research, Ignite, Share and Evaluate. Accompanying the brand model is a roadmap challenge which asks you questions on each of the four areas e.g. ‘is your brand differentiated?’ and ‘has your brand helped you achieve your business objectives?’ If you answer no to a question then the roadmap reveals the area where you need to do more work on to strengthen your brand.

At Embrace we feel strongly about branding as a strategic tool and that the most powerful brands aren’t confined to the marketing department. All employees in every department should live and breathe the brand purpose and ethos which translates onto each touchpoint that your customers and other stakeholders have with your brand. When everyone in our team is working towards fulfilling a brand promise, it creates the ultimate customer experience.

Here are the four key stages of the RiSE brand model in more detail:

Research: We run workshops and insight projects to uncover your brand purpose, points of differentiation and current brand perception amongst stakeholders and vs. competitors.

Ignite: Using our insights, we bring your authentic and differentiated brand to life through a visual brand identity and brand messaging.

Share: Announcing the launch of your new or refreshed brand is a huge opportunity to increase your reach. We develop consistent brand awareness campaigns across all channels to maintain your presence.

Evaluate: Your brand has to be as successful as possible and we measure the impact of your brand in relation to perception, recognition and ROI.

Our MD Becky developed the model and here are her thoughts… “many organisations aren’t using branding as a strategic tool to drive growth. Organisations often use elements of branding e.g. brand values or a brand value proposition, but they fail to get all stakeholders onboard with one shared brand purpose and ethos and often the brand promise doesn’t align with the brand experience. RiSE gets all stakeholders on the same page, with everyone heading in one authentic, cohesive direction and ultimately brands experience strong recognition, uptake and retention.”

If you’re looking to add power to your brand, contact us to receive your free RiSE brand challenge roadmap to reveal the gaps and opportunities to grow your brand.