Did you know that the first five results on Google count for 67% of all clicks and page two only counts for 5% of all clicks?

Do you really know what’s going on in the background of your digital marketing and SEO strategy? Have you been promised all singing, all dancing SEO, but it’s not delivering ROI?

We had several clients come to us with this problem. The worst thing is, many of them didn’t even know how poor their SEO was! There’s a real lack of honesty and transparency around many SEO services. There’s also issues around websites being populated with a colossal amount of content without a search strategy in place.

That’s why we created our REACH digital marketing model. REACH is a holistic model designed to take a deep dive into current digital marketing activities, identifying any weaknesses and highlighting opportunities to grow. REACH analyses the backend of your website, SEO and search strategy.

Take a look at our video on how REACH works

Completely transparent our REACH process generates a full, clear report explaining exactly what’s going on, along with recommendations to increase website traffic and leads. We’ll reveal things like missing SEO, ineffective keywords and the best keywords to drive traffic.

We will also look into your competitors – what are they doing well? What are they not doing well that you could capitalise on? How are customers currently finding you? Who are the first five results for your chosen keyword and why?

We use this intel along with an understanding of your wider marketing activities to accomplish your goals and generate relevant traffic and enquiries.

With the latest updates in search engine algorithms making it harder for organic SEO to rank highly against paid ads, the time to review your SEO is now.

Are you interested in testing out your current SEO? Contact Ciarán Reardon, our Digital Director to find out more about REACH at ciaran.reardon@weareembrace.com


This latest thinking article was written by:

Ciarán Reardon

Digital Director