We’re all in unchartered territory. Most organisations find themselves in a state of uncertainty at the moment. Don’t let this time of uncertainty prevent you from communicating. All our stakeholders need reassurance more than ever before and when everything is back up and running, you’ll want your products or services to be top of mind for clients.

Here are our top tips to keep your audience engaged and brand awareness going to maintain your sales pipeline…

Engaging email campaigns

For a long time, direct email has been the most successful marketing channel. Why? Because it’s super targeted and measurable. As long as you have a catchy subject and quality added value content, you’ll create fantastic brand awareness with clients. The appropriate frequency is around once per month for effective awareness without being annoying.

Impactful presentations

We’re all going to become a bit stir-crazy over the next few weeks if we’re working alone from home. Energise your clients with an impactful presentation. We use lots of different formats – visual and animated PowerPoint slides, interactive PDFs and animated videos. Our top tip – making sure the design and animation directly bring to life your key messages. Clients won’t be dropping off during your presentation, they’ll be energised to find out more.

Remote podcast recording

We will see a huge reduction in videos being produced and shared during the coming weeks due to COVID-19. But it doesn’t have to stop podcast production. We can work with you to script your podcast and record it remotely. Get one step ahead of competitors. Whilst others revert to more traditional marketing techniques like blogs, share your personality and voice through an engaging podcast.

The Embrace team are all set-up and working from home. We’re all enjoying our daily team video calls and connecting with our clients virtually. We hope everyone is well and keeping safe during this time.

If you need any support with engaging your clients, email: hello@weareembrace.com


This latest thinking article was written by:

Becky Reardon

Managing Director