‘Good communication’ sounds simple. We all know how to communicate well – don’t we? Yet on a daily basis things are miscommunicated and misinterpreted all of the time. The fact is that we all have different communication needs. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another.

Some take on information best visually whilst others find communication in an auditory or kinaesthetic manner preferable. It’s about reading the other person well, understanding how best to communicate with them, being explicit and then ensuring that they have interpreted the communication correctly.

We recently ran a communication and team building workshop for 60 employees from a manufacturing company that operates on an international basis. They needed support with raising awareness around making communication explicit across departments and different nationalities.

Embrace Marketing facilitated an interactive session involving a series of games that challenged everyone on the importance of clear communication. Here’s what CEO Amanda Gowans had to say:

“The workshop was very engaging across a range of different departments, including engineering, sales and finance. The session not only uncovered the underlying reasons why clear communication is vital to business efficiency but it was also great for team building as it highlighted the importance of respecting individuals at every level.”

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