Interactive PDFs

Recently we’ve seen a huge increase in the demand for high quality interactive PDFs (iPDFs) from our clients. People want more than just a standard PowerPoint slide or PDF to demonstrate their work or their findings.


But what are iPDFs, and when would you use them?


What is an iPDF?

Imagine combining a normal PDF document with the functionality and navigation of a website. That’s essentially what an iPDF is. Interactive PDFs allow you to have multiple pages within a document and utilise clickable buttons for easy navigation. This is especially handy when creating documents such as eBrochures, presentations, infographics or long handbooks or reports where the contents page is clickable, taking you through to the relevant information.



Not only are iPDFs great for easy navigation and creating a journey for the user, you can also incorporate multimedia elements in the form of audio, video, moving GIFs and so much more. The possibilities are endless!



There are several benefits to using iPDFs over other file types:

Increased user experience (UX): iPDFs increase engagement through interactive elements. If done properly, they make for an intuitive design and a positive UX. As you can set buttons throughout an iPDF, it’s a great way for users to navigate through the document. iPDFs are particularly useful when you have a large amount of information to convey, but you want to chunk it up and make it more engaging and digestible.

Personalisation: With such a wide variety of interactive elements available to use within iPDFs you can personalise your content to suit your audience’s area of interest. It also allows the user to personalise their own experience, choosing their most interesting aspects of the document to navigate to and engage with.

We specialise in creating visual and interactive documents to best showcase your work, such as market research reports, MedComms meeting toolkits, summary slides or an infographic.

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This latest thinking article was written by: Alice O’Regan

Marketing Account Manager