Are you maintaining consistent and quality communications with your current and prospective target audience? Most of us are operating in the unknown. But, if we fail to consistently communicate the right messages to our target audience then we soon become forgotten and our competitors have an advantage.

Here are a few tips on the brand and marketing activities which have worked well for our clients:

Maintaining brand awareness

Don’t forget that it takes 6-8 contact points on average before clients start to become familiar with your brand, start to warm up, trust you and then buy from you. Have you set a joined up marketing and sales process to maintain your pipeline? From our experience our clients have been gaining increased brand awareness at the moment through social media activities, website SEO and strong user experience, monthly email campaigns, webinars and interesting content such as mini videos, interactive PDFs and infographics.

Best performing activities for lead generation

Alongside a strong marketing and sales process, with 6-8 contact points mapped out, from our experience B2B organisations are gaining most leads through:

Email campaigns – we find that thought leadership type content creates the right impression and trust within a target audience’s mind. However, posing problems and offering your solutions is the type of content to generate direct sales enquiries. It’s a fine balance however, you should always add value and you should never appear to be ‘salesy’.

LinkedIn – if you want to increase awareness amongst a new target audience and generate leads with new customers, we’d recommend using Sales Navigator and Dux Soup. You can search extensively for the right audience using Sales Navigator and then use Dux Soup to automatically connect with your audience.

Webinars – are a great way to gain a captive audience to share and discuss key topics. By seeing an actual person talking, you’ll be creating a personal connection with your target audience. If you are going to run a webinar, don’t forget to set out a campaign plan to ensure the right target attendees.

Website content – high quality content which tells clients something they don’t already know encourages the best engagement. If you have interesting downloads then people will provide their contact information to access it and then you can follow up with other relevant content.

Brand refresh to differentiate

We have clients who are currently undergoing a brand refresh to better differentiate themselves and gain competitive advantage in the marketplace. From past experience, when a brand is stale and doesn’t represent what you truly stand for you aren’t remembered for the right reasons and clients are less likely to engage with your services. Organisations are taking this opportunity of change to adapt and refresh their brands to increase their market share.

We hope you found this blog useful and have some fresh ideas on increasing brand awareness and leads.

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This latest thinking article was written by:

Becky Reardon

Managing Director