This is the challenge that we set ourselves recently. But why?

Well, have you ever felt that your company branding is niggling in the back of your mind? Something just isn’t right, but you don’t have the time to improve things? You want a quick solution, but you also want to get it right. A brand you can feel proud of that makes you stand out for all the right reasons.

From these challenges, Brand in a Day was born. Embrace came up with a solution where individuals or teams from business to business SMEs could spend a day at our studio, in Bollington, South Manchester. The idea being that:

  • Collaborative workshop sessions would define key areas such as: target audience, what they do, how they do it, why they do it and what differentiates them from the competition
  • From this understanding, concept designs for a logo and brand graphics, business cards, social media banners, an overview flyer and a new website would all be finalised… in just one day!

Working in such a collaborative way ensures that brand visuals, key messages and marketing materials directly align with what companies truly stand for, what makes them different and what’s compelling to their target audience.

JMR, a leadership training and coaching specialist for educational organisations and businesses had exactly the challenges that suited Brand in a Day. Here’s what Jean Robinson, Director said:

“My personal challenge was marketing, especially creating a brand, logo and website, alongside developing my social media skills. The whole thing felt like a monkey sat on my back. I knew what I wanted to achieve, and in spite of research, I struggled to create a professional brand that represented my business.”

brand-in-a-dayJMR commissioned Embrace to facilitate their Brand in a Day session to overcome these hurdles. In just one day, we helped JMR to succinctly communicate what they do and what makes them different. A key theme shone through around empowering leaders to bring about change and the strapline ‘we empower leaders to make a difference’ was formed. Alongside this, the visual brand elements represent empowerment through the bold colour choice of red within the brand colour palette. A collaborative, supportive training style was represented in a brand icon demonstrating people and teams working together to bring about change.

JMR felt that in just one day… “Embrace understood the image I wanted to portray in my branding. I am highly delighted with every aspect of the brand: I love the logo, which customers instantly recognise as people learning together; the strapline, which is our mantra ‘empowering leaders to make a difference’ is perfect; the flyer is attractive and provides a broad overview of my services and the website is slick and modern. The whole concept of ‘Brand in a Day’ and its delivery was exceptional, preparing me to market my leadership training and coaching.”

So back to our original question – Is branding in a day possible? The answer is yes! But, only for those who are willing to enter our studio with an open mind and the focus to commit to finding out what makes them different and the boldness to make the decision to move their brand forward.

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