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It’s a fresh year but most of us are feeling far from fresh!

In the worrying times we live in and with a lack of human contact, it’s the start of a strange year.

But we always like to look on the positive side at Embrace and the start of the year also marks a time to bring adaptation, change and continued determination. Here are three instrumental ways that you can plough on in 2021.


1. Check your website

Check out your analytics

If your bounce rate (users leaving immediately after home page visit) is higher than 55% it’s worth looking into why – you might be attracting the wrong audience or your home page isn’t engaging.

Analyse your SEO

Which pages are organically most visited? Does this align with your goals? Conduct a keyword review to make sure you’re ranking highly in Google search.

Check your lead generation process

Are you happy that your website is generating good quality leads? Do you have the right calls to action in place on your website and campaign landing pages to drive leads?


2. Check your digital marketing

Set a digital marketing strategy

Do you have a clear digital marketing strategy in place? Does it fulfil your objectives and cover the right channels? Often digital marketing is ad-hoc and this can lead to an inconsistent pipeline.

Consider the full digital marketing mix

Have you considered your ideal digital customer journey/s? How does your digital marketing help you to build client relationships and ultimately nurture your audience to enquiry or purchase?

Measure your results

Likes and comments are important but it’s also about the number of views and organic impressions. It’s also really interesting to track what content is most resonating and creating engagement.


3. Check your brand

Create a clear and differentiated brand value proposition

Do you have a clear and differentiated brand value proposition which is guiding your clients and team alike? If not then it’s time to get one. A brand VP is a fantastic strategic asset to guide and drive all stakeholders.

Conduct brand research

Find out how your clients genuinely perceive and experience your brand. We often think we know what clients think but do we truly? A third party is best to get a more honest and open response.

Test brand consistency

How consistent is your brand across all your communications? Does your brand visual identity, messaging and tone of voice work hand in hand. Make sure you aren’t conveying mixed messages and bring memorability through consistency.


Embrace Marketing is a full service branding, digital marketing and website development agency. We work with a range of B2B and not for profit clients. If you need support with any of the above, give us a shout  – email hello@weareembrace.com for further information.


This latest thinking article was written by:

Becky Reardon

Managing Director