We are well and truly in an age of information overload and here’s the problem… Our brains traditionally focused on one core thing at a time and now we expect ourselves to be able to deal with a plethora of information and technologies.


The processing capacity of the conscious mind has been estimated at 120 bits per second. To understand one person talking takes 60 bits. Therefore, you can barely understand 2 people speaking at the same time!


Attention is a limited capacity resource

‘Attention’ determines what information we deal with and it’s a limited capacity resource. Various automatic, subconscious processes enable us to make choices about what gets through to our conscious awareness. We are constantly, subconsciously prioritising what we tap into. With our attentional system protecting us from registering things which aren’t seen as important, as marketers, we’d better make sure that our content gets our audience’s attention.

Brand awareness builds recognition

Our attentional filters are definitely overwhelmed; however, words which you attach high importance to will catch your attention. If you ensure that you regularly post on social media such as LinkedIn for example, you’re more likely to break through the attention barriers as quite simply the target audience is more familiar with seeing your brand communications. If you then start to build up a consistent thread in your brand messaging, people will also become increasingly familiar with what you stand for and offer. It’s so simple, yet so many organisations either don’t maintain consistent brand awareness or its brand messaging is so mixed or convoluted that nothing sticks.

Know yourself and your audience

We all experience information overload and the brands that cut through the noise with simple, strong and consistent brand awareness are the ones that get ahead. If you don’t maintain your brand presence, you’re easily forgotten. We find that the best performing brands demonstrate a consistent, distinctive brand purpose and ethos whilst aligning with customers’ wants and needs. Visit weareembrace.com or email hello@weareembrace.com for more information.