If your answer is no… then read this quick article to see why it’s vital to set a well thought-through plan at the start of the year to help sustain and grow your business.

Why bother setting a marketing plan?

There are some fantastic services and products being developed by organisations. However if companies aren’t sharing the fantastic things they are doing with their existing customers and spreading what they do to new customers a BIG opportunity is being missed.

This is where your well thought-through marketing plan and strategy comes in…

Where do I start with my marketing plan?

A good place to start is through looking at the overall goals of your organisation. Then recap/set the purpose of your organisation and your mission statement – make sure you place the customer at the centre. You then need to think about what’s going on internally in your organisation and externally in the marketplace.

So based on this consider these questions to help form the main section of your marketing plan:

  • What will you set as your marketing strategy and objectives?
  • What tactical programmes/initiatives do you need to put in place to achieve your objectives?
  • What budget will you require for each of your planned initiatives and how will you implement them?
  • Finally and crucially what is the expected return on investment of each activity?

How will a marketing plan benefit my business?

With a clear set of objectives and a plan in place for how you’re going to achieve your objectives you are far more likely to succeed. A solid plan to follow helps your budget remain on track and retains your valuable existing clients and generates new enquires – helping to grow your business.

Don’t have the time or need some help?

Embrace Marketing works with SMEs across a breadth of industries – helping them to set their marketing plans and strategies and executing their plans throughout the year. We help organisations build strong product and service brands and generate successful integrated marketing campaigns and materials for print (brochures, leaflets, stationery), digital (websites, emailers, ebooks, video, blogs), PR (press releases, articles, thought leadership) and events (stand & materials, event management).