Building a strong brand can have a huge impact on how you operate as an organisation and how clients perceive your company and products/services.

When we think about what a brand is, some may think immediately of visual brand interpretations such as a logo, brand graphics/imagery and brand colours. These elements certainly give your company a recognisable identity. But… remember this is only a small part of how your brand is interpreted.

What is branding?

A brand encompasses the entire experience you give to your customers – and it can have a big effect on how we think, feel and act towards companies and their products/services offered. It’s about what you truly stand for and how this is perceived in the minds of everyone that interacts with your brand including customers and employees alike.

A brand is what you are, it can be aspirational to some extent, but at the end of the day as Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon describes it

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”.

It’s about the rational and emotional experiences people gain when they interact with your company and products/services. It’s everything from interactions with employees to quality of product/service to how people interpret a brand as a whole.

Building trust, a good reputation and strong culture accompanied with confidence, clarity and consistency make a successful brand. Get this right and customers will come back again and again.

Why is it important to have an effective brand?

Having an effective brand is vital to all companies, as branding is a key tool that connects yourself to your customers.

When Kraft bought Cadburys for $19.5Billion what did they buy? Factories? Chocolate? …no they bought the brand.

To be a successful brand you need to satisfy the consumers physiological needs, this includes things such as love, belonging, affiliation and achievement. An example being, Nike – they are associated with winners ‘Just do it’ and for them it is all about a sense of achievement.

People like certain brands over others due to the different emotions evoked and the experience they may have had previously with a particular brand. We choose certain brands because we believe in what that brand believes in.

How do you make your brand stand out?

To make your brand stand out from competitors lead with something you firmly believe in. For example, Apple stands for intuitive design, BBC News stands for authority and Google stands for information organised.

Following a brand building process is vital as it can transform your business into a successful competitor. By doing this your customers will have a deeper level of trust in your brand and therefore are more likely to purchase your product/service. To reinforce your brand, it is important to ensure that all messages are consistent throughout all marketing materials and integrated through all aspects of the customer journey.

Don’t have the time or need some help to develop your brand?

Embrace Marketing works with SMEs across a breadth of industries – helping them to establish their brands. We help organisations build strong company, product and service brands by carrying out a brand building process which looks at competitor research, target audiences, your values and purpose and what makes you unique and different compared to the competition. Once a strong brand is established, Embrace generates successful integrated marketing campaigns and powerful content for use of across multiple channels including digital, print, PR, events and more.