Ever felt the pressure to make a PowerPoint presentation look fantastic even though you’re not a trained designer? We support our clients with all sorts of design projects but we’re aware that sometimes you have to go it alone due to tight turnaround times or budget. If you feel like your slides are lacking a bit of professionalism, try these simple design tricks.


Maintain consistency throughout

Keep all headings, subheadings and body copy to a set size and set font. Having lots of different fonts and sizes makes slides look chaotic. Make sure that all bullet points are the same. They should be the same shape, size and the spacing between bullets should all be consistent. Consistency in the lines you use also helps create cohesion. Always select a full line or the same dashed line and at the same pt size. Follow the slide master templates where possible to ensure consistency.

Align elements together

If you have columns of text or icons next to each other or near each other, making sure that these are aligned and are the same size makes a huge difference. Make sure that you have equal space between elements and the edge of the page too. If your slide looks a bit messy this could quickly fix the issue!

Use colours carefully

Use of colour can make or break a design. Too many colours and your slide will look like a rainbow, but too little colour can look boring. We’d recommend sticking to one primary text colour (something which is clear and readable e.g. black, dark grey or dark blue) and three supporting contrasting colours. Using colours in the same sequence can help to bring cohesion across your slides. If your slide feels too bright then add some light grey elements to tone it down.

Check image quality

Never stretch images or make them bigger than their original size. Even if they look OK on your screen, they might look pixelated when presented on a larger screen. Check that your images aren’t stretched. If they look out of proportion in any way they’ve probably been stretched and need reverting back to their original form.

Always follow your brand style and guidelines

The simplest way to ensure professional slides is to follow your brand guidelines. By maintaining your correct font, colours and look and feel, your slides will look professional and consistent with other materials.

We hope that you’ve found these tips helpful and if you’d like design assistance contact us to discuss how we can help: hello@weareembrace.com 


This latest thinking article was written by:

Becky Reardon

Managing Director