No matter what industry you are in, sustainability initiatives are on the rise. With more organisations investing time and money into managing their carbon footprint, it’s time to see sustainability as an opportunity to develop your brand. 


Recently Max, our designer, helped to develop the visual identity of a new NHS initiative at Tameside Hospital. ‘Save Planet Tameside and Glossop’ is a campaign led by NHS Trust to offset its carbon footprint and manage sustainable development within the Trust.  Here’s more about the project from Max: 


The challenge

It’s estimated that £26m per annum is spent on avoidable costs to the health system in the Tameside area. We are all well aware of the threats of global warming and climate change. NHS Tameside and Glossop wanted to make a difference and reduce their carbon footprint, reduce waste, reuse and recycle where possible.

The solution

NHS Tameside and Glossop came up with the initiative name ‘Save Planet Tameside and Glossop’. I was keen to make the brand unique by incorporating visual elements that represented the local area. Using the general shape of Glossop and Tameside developed this personal touch. It also allows other districts to take on the same initiative using an interchangeable element for each district while aligning with the wider sustainability initiative brand. A range of concepts were developed for NHS Tameside and Glossop, incorporating more colour from their extensive colour palette across the hands to give the logo a sense of vibrancy and intrigue.

The outcome

The new identity is being used both internally and externally across NHS Tameside and Glossop to raise awareness of ‘Save Planet Tameside and Glossop’. Alongside this, I developed a brand guidelines document to ensure the correct application of the brand across different types of media going forward. So far NHS Tameside and Glossop has removed all plastic from their restaurant including knives, forks, spoons, and food packaging – replacing these with sustainable wooden and paper alternatives. The changes made in the restaurant will dramatically reduce plastic usage by over 9000kg a year. I personally hope that in the future the initiative will spread across different counties. It’s great to know that I’ve had a positive involvement in helping this initiative grow, and as result supported sustainability. For more information about the ‘Save Planet Tameside and Glossop’ initiative please visit:   

This latest thinking article was written by:

Max Fish

Graphic and Digital Designer