Fed up of your drab, outdated branding? That’s certainly one reason to consider a refresh! But a brand refresh has many other important reasons. You must also consider what best supports your strategic goals – is it a brand refresh or a full rebrand?


To put it simply, a brand refresh is like redecorating and refurnishing your house. The look and feel is different but the structure and foundations are still the same. Now, if you do a full renovation on a mansion and convert it into several flats – that’s more like a rebrand. You’ve changed the look and feel and the purpose of the building, perhaps to suit a different audience.

Here are a few reasons why you might need to consider a brand refresh/rebrand…

Change in business direction and strategy

You might be making a change in direction, for example you might be focusing on one key service or product to drive an increase in your profits. Or you might have a new CEO that’s taken over and wants to take an entirely different approach. Perhaps your clients are telling you one thing about their experience of your brand but your messaging and marketing is telling them something different!

Gain competitive edge and differentiation

If you’re finding that your competitors have an edge and you want to better stand out, a brand refresh/rebrand would help you to better resonate with your audience. If your website is one of those that you land on and it says only what you do and generic information on your process and or products and service, you’re definitely missing a trick. The most compelling and memorable websites include your brand purpose, why you do what you do and what’s different about your brand.

Challenge yourself – look at your website – could any of your competitors make the exact same claims? If so, then you haven’t demonstrated your points of differentiation and you won’t be standing out.

Increase brand awareness and grow market share

From all the brand refresh and rebrand projects we’ve worked on at Embrace Marketing, we’ve seen our clients experience a significant increase in awareness and enquiries. A refreshed brand helps to strengthen and bring distinctive clarity to your brand in terms of messaging and visual identity. With your distinctive brand, pushed out consistently as part of a thought through and consistent strategy, you’ll increase your brand awareness and market share.


Are the alarm bells ringing? Are you considering a brand refresh or a full rebrand? The extent to which you should refresh or rebrand will depend entirely on your current situation and objectives. Email hello@weareembrace.com to discuss developing your brand. 


This latest thinking article was written by:

Becky Reardon

Managing Director