A website is no longer just the shop window… it’s the shop counter, the sales team, customer services and everything in-between! Organisations are now beginning to interact with their clients solely in the digital space and this has rapidly increased since the pandemic. If you haven’t done already, you need to start thinking about how your website can integrate with a whole load of other functions such as your CRM, eCommerce, live chat and more.

But how do you find one platform that does it all? To be brutally honest it would be hard to find one that matches all your specific needs, and if it did, it would come with a hefty price tag.

Luckily, most people have a WordPress website. A lot of third-party platforms will integrate and work seamlessly with WordPress, but how do you find the right third-party integration that works for you?

Here are some of our top considerations when assessing third-party integration for our clients…

Marry price with box ticking

Price is an important factor for most organisations and can be a huge barrier. However, you should never go for the cheapest option, as in most cases it won’t be able to do everything which is needed. Likewise, you should never throw huge amounts of money at it either, as it’s likely you’ll be paying more than what you need to. Just like Goldilocks, go for the option that is just right! The one that ticks all the boxes and provides the ROI you need.

Does it do what it says on the tin?

All websites will tell you that their product does exactly what you need it to, but does it in reality? Before researching any platforms, make a list of everything you need the third-party website integration to do. Once you’ve selected your favourites, narrow them down to the ones that offer everything you need. Then, find a demo or a free trial, and speak to one of their sales representatives and make sure they provide examples of their platform doing exactly what you need before committing to anything.

Future-proof your approach

Amazing! You’ve now found the perfect third-party website integration to match your needs right now, but will it still be perfect as your company grows? Most third-party integrations have staged pricing and limits – check these against your business growth plans. Does the cost still provide ROI as you grow or will you need to upgrade your package? Does the platform have the capacity to increase at the size and rate of your growth?

If your website is no longer fit for purpose and you need support to get it to where it needs to be, contact us for an initial chat. We specialise in B2B and not-for-profit clients including large, complex websites, landing pages for lead generation and internal intranets.

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This latest thinking article was written by:

Ciarán Readon
Digital Director