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A disruptive bold brand for an innovative SaaS company

Dynamiti is an automation company that’s disrupting IT with SaaS click-to-run solutions. It’s as simple as the click of a button.


Dynamiti is a new automation company that’s offering a cutting-edge approach to SaaS click-to-run solutions.

The new brand is leading the way and they needed a brand strategy, story, brand value proposition and visual identity which directly reflected what makes them different – innovation, added value and speed.


Brand development

We facilitated a deep dive online workshop to find out what the brand is all about and how it’s disrupting IT. Following the workshop and a competitor review we developed a punchy brand value proposition, tone of voice and top-level brand messaging and taglines including ‘Impossibly quick. Ridiculously simple’ and ‘Change today. Future-proof tomorrow’.

The bold visual identity incorporated a space theme with the many sub-brands that Dynamiti will develop being positioned as in the ‘Dynamiti solar system’. As part of the brand strategy work, we developed what the top-level brand identity for Dynamiti would look like alongside a sub-brand for DynamicsGO.

Brand collateral

Following the brand development phase, we created a brand book which included Dynamiti’s brand story. The initial brand strategy work led us to create a range of collateral including an animated video, social media campaign, brochures, and t-shirt artwork for the launch event.

Web design and build

When we started looking at the website strategy, it was clear that we needed to bear in mind brand architecture – positioning Dynamiti as the parent brand with sub-brands. Whilst we were only working on one sub-brand at this stage – we needed to build the site with the capability to evolve to seamlessly encompass future sub-brands. 

We mapped out the user experience (UX) to ensure that the intuitive nature of the site directly represented the punchy brand value proposition. 

The bold, space themed branding makes the website stand out and immediately be distinctive and memorable to new customers. This is a new brand which will make its mark during the very first touchpoint!


Dynamiti has a disruptive brand identity that matches their innovative SaaS products. By considering the brand architecture at this stage, the brand has the foundation to move forward with clarity on how to incorporate the sub-brands into their offering. It’s early days for the launch of Dynamiti, and DynamicsGO is due to formally launch in 2022.

About Dynamiti

Dynamiti is disrupting IT with SaaS click-to-run solutions. Impossible speed for SMBs. Incredible assets for IT companies.



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