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A fresh brand to fuse existing WHAT’S with real-time WHY’S for an insight agency 

Imagine a world where actions, behaviours and motivations are seamlessly brought together using big data analysis and real-time insights. Honeycomb offers a revolutionary view of WHAT people do and WHY they do it. 


Market research agency Mustard was looking to launch ‘Honeycomb’, a new business unit focused on combining market research and data science in a unique way.  

With a solid understanding of the market research industry, we immediately understood the innovative nature of Honeycomb. We were keen to make sure that what differentiated this brand hit home straightaway! 


Brand identity

Following a deep dive meeting with the key new brand leads – we understood fully what this brand was all about – and the impact it would bring for clients.  

With Honeycomb being a leading and cutting-edge approach, we developed a bold and fresh visual identity. The distinctive brand icon fuses together three hexagons, which results in several interesting shapes coming together.  

The interlinking pattern represents combining multiple forms of research and pulling insights together as a whole. The brand icon could be used alone and also be pulled apart to create different shapes to suit different designs and purposes.  

Early in the process, we worked with our client to develop the top-level brand message: ‘Imagine being able to combine the WHAT from existing data, with the WHY from real-time insights’. This was soon after developed into a punchy animation which would sit on the top of the new website and across digital assets. 

Brand guidelines and collateral

We developed brand guidelines to share how the brand should be used. The brand guidelines included the new logo, typography, colour palette and brand assets. 
The brand guidelines were utilised to develop a range of collateral including email templates, business cards, letterhead and creative adverts for print and digital. 

Web design and build

We had creative free reign on the website to bring the new brand to life. We wanted the site to look completely different to all other insight websites.  

Following a review of the copy, UX, wireframe and SEO – it was time to get creative! The different brand shapes featured prominently and were utilised in many ways. We created angled dividing elements, animations, distinctive icons, and an interactive diagram to show how the solution works. 
The website was designed so that our client could update the blog section themselves and training was provided to support with this. 


A brilliant business idea was brought to fruition through a bold, fresh brand. Honeycomb is completely distinctive in the insight space in terms of messaging, visual identity, and collateral. We look forward to seeing the future of this exciting brand! 

“Starting a new brand can be daunting, so we wanted someone who was approachable, jargon free, and easy to work with to help with our branding and website – Embrace were exactly that. The team are lovely and are always a call or an email away, are full of creative ideas, and aren’t afraid to challenge your briefs which was perfect for us. The branding and website are consistently praised, and we’ve already had comments about how “sticky” it is – always a bonus! Would always go to Embrace first with any briefs in the future.” 

Bethan Turner, Head of Data Insights, Honeycomb 

About Honeycomb

We challenge you to think differently. Only by combining the WHAT with the WHY can we glean the full picture that empowers us to make smarter business decisions. It’s time to stop looking at big data and primary research in isolation. It’s time to look to the future and expect more from data to drive sustainable competitive advantage. 



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If you're ready to embrace what makes you different, then we'd love to hear from you.