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IfM Engage (formally IfM Education and Consultancy Services) is a knowledge transfer company within the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM), which is part of the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge.


IfM Education and Consultancy Services (IfM ECS) had a strong heritage in providing the transfer and integration of world-class knowledge and solutions to national and multinational organisations.

Key stakeholders at IfM ECS wanted a deeper understanding of what clients valued most about their services so they could effectively communicate important elements of their unique value to existing and prospective clients. Part of the project scope also highlighted the potential for the brand name to change to something that would resonate more with the communities they serve.

This research would provide the platform for a wide range of deliverables, including a brand refresh to resonate with key audiences, as well as a new website and updated marketing collateral to increase the reach and opportunities to generate impact from IfM research.


Brand perception research and value proposition

Embrace Marketing was initially commissioned to work on brand perception research which included IfM ECS internal stakeholder interviews and a survey and qualitative in-depth phone interviews with clients.

The in-depth interviews took place across a range of client types including SMEs, multinationals and a government funding provider. The insights were collated into a comprehensive report highlighting key findings and recommendations.

Embrace developed a differentiated brand value proposition from the report, and this was finalised during an internal workshop with the IfM ECS team. As part of the project, the brand name IfM Engage was selected from a range of options to better reflect the refreshed brand value proposition.

Brand visual identity and collateral

Following on from the work on the brand value proposition, Embrace won a competitive pitch to develop the brand visual identity, a new website and refreshed collateral. A key consideration for the brand identity was the alignment with IfM and University of Cambridge brands. It was important that IfM Engage had its own distinct identity without moving too far away from the parent brands. Embrace worked closely with IfM Engage to develop a new primary brand graphic, colour palette, imagery style and brand guidelines. The new branding was applied to a new website, company brochure and PowerPoint template and other assets were developed including a new identity for IfM Engage memberships.

Web design and build

The website project kicked off with a digital workshop involving over 20 IfM Engage and IfM stakeholders to ensure alignment and give opportunities to key stakeholders to contribute to the project.

The brief for the new website was complex and we initially conducted an in-depth review of the user experience (UX). As part of this we generated a wireframe to map out the navigation, website structure and how all content would interlink to create seamless client website journeys.

Embrace worked closely with IfM Engage on all website designs, copy and content, and during the website build and review phases. Key considerations such as third-party integration and eCommerce were factored in throughout the project.


The refreshed IfM Engage brand provides clear articulation of the purpose, differentiated approach and the services available. The brand now has a distinctive identity whilst aligning well with the IfM and University of Cambridge brands and it is used consistently across all communications.

The new website clearly demonstrates the value of working with IfM Engage and the time spent on mapping out the user experience has delivered a website that is straightforward to navigate and enquire. Some of the results seen since the launch of the website include:

  • Significant drop in bounce rate
  • Increase in time on site
  • Increase in membership and course enquiries
  • Excellent stakeholder feedback

“Embrace has delivered an excellent new website and brand for IfM Engage. The project was complex from a stakeholder engagement perspective, and we had a significant number of requirements for them to deliver on including new literature, PowerPoint presentations and more.

Embrace managed to deliver all this against a tight deadline, within budget and we have received really positive feedback from a range of stakeholders so far. The team are a pleasure to work with, very knowledgeable and always available when you need to run something past them. I highly recommended them.”

Robert Driver, Marketing Manager,
IfM Engage, Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge

About IfM Engage

IfM Engage partners with organisations across industry, government and academia to support them in solving complex challenges, using approaches and knowledge developed at the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM), a division of the University of Cambridge’s Department of Engineering. IfM Engage offerings are grounded in exceptional research, combined with a breadth of industrial expertise.



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