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A campaign that raised awareness of narcolepsy for leading charity

Narcolepsy UK is a leading charity which supports people with narcolepsy, their families, carers, and others who are interested in improving their quality of life.  


Narcolepsy UK had developed a new Charter following research with their members. They wanted the Charter to be professionally designed to tell an authentic story about what it’s like for different people who have narcolepsy. It needed to be emotional, compelling, and visually impactful. The design had to be accessible and appeal to people with narcolepsy, their families, carers, and the public.  

Narcolepsy UK also wanted Embrace to support them with a range of digital marketing assets for World Narcolepsy Day.


Narcolepsy UK Charter

Embrace worked closely with Narcolepsy UK to develop initial design concepts for the Charter. To ensure accessibility for people with narcolepsy, we considered the use of colour, font sizes, structure and not having any large chunks of text to keep the design engaging.  

We introduced a graphic style for a suite of different types of people to represent how narcolepsy impacts on different people’s lives from young students to adults. The Charter was produced in digital and print to maximise awareness. A large format infographic was also created for presentation at a conference.  

Digital awareness campaign

Several different assets were created for World Narcolepsy Day including social media imagery and an animated video. The key findings shared in the charter were also each summarised as engaging social media posts.  

With an estimated 30,000 people living with narcolepsy in the UK, the assets helped raise much needed awareness around the condition on World Narcolepsy Day.  


The designed charter provides people with narcolepsy, families and friends, carers, and the public with an outline of the rights of people with narcolepsy. It provides an insight into what it’s like to live with narcolepsy and the different experiences, thoughts and feelings that people with narcolepsy have throughout their lives.   

The charter alongside the infographic, animation and assets for social media have all helped Narcolepsy UK to raise much needed awareness and support.    

About Narcolepsy UK

Narcolepsy UK believes that people with narcolepsy and their families and friends have the same rights to a full and rounded life as any other person without having to make this happen.



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