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Building brand clarity amid brand architecture  

Blink Medical is part of Katena, a global, innovation-driven, medical technology company based in New Jersey, USA. As a Katena company, Blink Medical supplies world-class, high-quality reusable and single-use ophthalmic instruments to the NHS and private clinics across the UK. 


Established as a leading provider of high-quality reusable and single-use instruments, Blink Medical had grown significantly and been acquired by Katena.  

There were some inconsistencies in brand messaging amongst the marketing and sales teams and clarity and distinctiveness were needed in terms of brand value propositions for the company and two key product areas: ophthalmology and dermatology. 


Brand perception research and value proposition

Embrace Marketing conducted brand perception research which included qualitative in-depth video interviews with key stakeholders in the NHS and private clinics.  

The in-depth interviews took place across a range of client types including ophthalmology and dermatology and across different job roles. Alongside the interviews we facilitated an online workshop with key leads at Blink Medical to better understand the brand objectives (short and long-term) perceptions, rational/emotional benefits and challenges. 

We analysed the client interviews alongside the internal workshop and a detailed competitor review to form a comprehensive report highlighting key findings and recommendations. Embrace developed a differentiated brand value proposition from the report, and this was finalised during a presentation and final workshop with internal senior leads.

Brand visual identity and guidelines

When the brand value propositions had been finalised for the company and key product brands, we started working on the brand visual identity. Brand architecture was a key consideration and we gained input from both Blink Medical and Katena to better understand to what extent the brands needed to align visually. 

We were also conscious that Blink Medical’s current identity had recognition amongst current clients, and it became apparent that the updated visual identity should be a refresh instead of a complete overhaul. Our work included a slight refresh and modernisation of the logo and the primary Blink brand circular asset. We modernised the typography and primary colour palette and added in a wide range of secondary colours. The secondary colours were developed to be applied to each of their key product brands – considering not just the here and now but their future product range too.

In the brand guidelines we shared how the brand should be used across print and digital applications. The guidelines included how the secondary colour palette should be applied to product sub-brands and how the brand architecture should be represented in terms of messaging on key collateral. 


The leadership team at Blink Medical found it very useful to have first-hand insights on their client’s experiences of working with them and what they most valued. The branding workshop also brought key leads together to share ideas around the brand direction in a new online workshop format for Blink Medical.  
The three brand value propositions have provided clear, differentiated and succinct messaging for the company and two key product sub-brands. Combined with the brand visual identity and brand guidelines, Blink Medical now has clarity around how to communicate their brand architecture and to stand out against competitors.

We made the decision to work with an external agency to help further develop our value propositions and refresh our brand. After engaging with a number of agencies, we made the decision to work with Embrace, as they very quickly understood our business and the market we work in. This decision turned out to be a great one! The team at Embrace took us on a journey that resulted in us having a greater understanding of our customer needs, the value we bring and how we can develop our business further. Our refreshed brand and the development of a structured brand architecture has provided us with a platform we can leverage as we continue to grow as a business.

Tim Price, Sales Director,
Corza Medical (Blink Medical is now part of Corza Medical)

About Blink Medical

Blink Medical is inspiring the future of surgical instruments. A dynamic, medical device company based in the UK, Blink Medical enables safe and efficient surgery by putting their client’s needs at the centre of everything they do.



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