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Creating a vibrant and relevant brand for an NHS charity

East Cheshire NHS Charity (formerly ECHO) is the official charity of East Cheshire NHS Trust. Their goal is to go above and beyond standard Government funding to enhance experiences for patients, families and staff through five NHS care communities.


The Trust felt that the charity’s original name of ECHO, as well as its original branding, lacked memorability and relatability to their target audience.

They wanted to bring the charity to life, with a distinctive, modern and visually appealing brand messaging and identity that would engage a variety of different stakeholders, whilst conveying with clarity what the charity does and what makes it different.

Ultimately the charity wanted to better connect with key stakeholders including patients and families, staff, community groups, schools and businesses to increase awareness and support for the charity in terms of donations, fundraising and volunteers.


Brand research strategy and key messages

After winning a competitive pitch against two other shortlisted agencies, Embrace’s initial brief was to work with the charity to generate a new brand name, refreshed identity and new website.

When we develop brand strategy and there are many stakeholders involved, we know that qualitative and quantitative insights are key. Embrace went above and beyond by including in-depth interviews with different East Cheshire NHS Trust staff members such as the Chief Executive, HR Lead, Senior Sister in CCU and the Associate Director of Community Services. Embrace also facilitated a workshop with the charity’s committee to gain their insights on the purpose of the charity and what makes the charity different and special.

The qualitative research was combined with a quantitative survey with staff, fundraisers and community members, alongside competitor desk research. The primary and secondary research was analysed and recommendations generated in an enlightening brand research report.

    NHS charity rebrand

    Using this knowledge, Embrace then worked on a variety of different names for the charity, key messages and developed different creative concepts for the visual identity. We worked closely with the Head of Communications and Engagement and the Fundraising and Events Manager to refine and narrow down the concepts ready for two key focus groups. Embrace facilitated focus groups with 1) NHS staff and 2) the Trust’s Patient Experience Panel.

    The focus group results were shared with wider group stakeholders such as key accessibility advisers, before senior leads decided on the final name to move forward with.

      “I cannot recommend working with Embrace highly enough. We were really keen to work with a local company and to find such an excellent one has been amazing. Embrace Marketing really appreciates the importance of early and ongoing engagement whilst refreshing a brand and website. Feedback from everybody involved in the process has been excellent. All our stakeholders have thoroughly enjoyed feeling part of the journey to achieve a new look and feel for what is now called East Cheshire NHS Charity.”

      Rachel Wallace

      Head of Communications and Engagement, East Cheshire NHS Charity

      Brand visual identity and collateral 

      Embrace developed a full suite of materials including large format prints, posters, brochures, banners, fundraising packs, guides sponsorship forms, social media imagery, postcards and certificates.

      We worked closely with the charity to ensure all of the materials aligned with their objectives of increasing volunteering, fundraising and donations, whilst also generating a vibrant, relevant and memorable feel.

      We carefully reviewed the colour schemes, typefaces and imagery on all brand materials and specific advice was provided in new brand guidelines on how to use the brand in relation to accessibility and overall.

      Embrace supported the charity’s brand launch, with a new video including footage and animation, a shorter mini brand launch animation and a press release.

      NHS charity rebrand
      NHS charity rebrand

      Web design and build

      The web design process kicked off with a workshop with key members of the charity to agree on the website objectives, content, user experience and technical aspects.

      Embrace then mapped out the website’s UX and conducted an SEO report to identify the best keywords for Google ranking.

      The website was designed to be super intuitive to navigate on both desktop and mobile whilst mirroring the new, vibrant visual identity. The language chosen was inclusive, inviting and clear, outlining the charity’s impact and how the local community could donate, fundraise and get involved.

      NHS charity rebrand
      NHS charity

      Key additions to the site included JustGiving integration, a fundraising leadership board, statements on the impact the charity has had and a section for users to submit their own stories.

      We added an accessibility plugin throughout to ensure the website was user-friendly for all, and applied relevant SEO to enhance the site’s search engine rankings.


      The rebrand and website launched towards the end of July 2023 and the impact so far has been transformational. The charity now has a clear brand and, an intuitive, modern and engaging website that meets their objectives.

      “The refreshed branding will enable East Cheshire NHS Charity to link in with the community more than ever. The new website highlights the impact of the charity’s work and provides a user-friendly experience for anyone wanting to explore and discover the many ways they can help to make a difference. Embrace Marketing has done a brilliant job with the website and the rebrand – we cannot recommend them enough.”

      Lily Preston

      Fundraising and Events Manager, East Cheshire NHS Charity

      About East Cheshire NHS Charity

      East Cheshire NHS Charity goes beyond standard Government funding to make local NHS services that extra special. From supporting pioneering healthcare research to providing toys to brighten up our young patients’ days to making long stay patients feel more at home – their mission is to make a visible difference.

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