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Invigorate your B2B brand with purpose and differentiation

Thursday 20th April 2023, 11am – 11.40am GMT

Is your brand truly differentiated vs. the competition?

Do you have a clear brand strategy and value proposition?

Think about your key brand messages and then ask yourself “so what”? Do these messages truly resonate with and engage your audience?

All too often B2B organisations don’t unlock their true brand potential. Their messaging is similar to what their competitors are saying. Their brand visual identity is bland and doesn’t support their true proposition.

Join our Managing Director, Becky Reardon, who will be sharing Embrace’s RiSE brand development model, examples of purpose statements and how to develop a brand value proposition. She’ll also share examples of brand values that have meaning and how your brand strategy and essence can seamlessly translate into your marketing campaigns and materials. 

What to expect?

Join this session for fresh ideas on invigorating your brand!

We will help uncover the gaps you may have in your brand and how to tackle them. We’ll share our RiSE brand development framework to build brand power, differentiation and a fantastic brand experience.

  • Branding for profit and growth
  • RiSE brand development model including research, ignite, share and evaluate
  • The importance of making emotional connections
  • How to build an authentic and meaningful purpose
  • B2B examples of purpose statements across industries
  • Differentiated brand value proposition example
  • Why brand values should be meaningful

Our presentation will be jam-packed with helpful information and practical steps you can take to develop your brand. Register now to be part of it!

Beacky Readon
Managing Director, Embrace Marketing and Branding Agency

Becky is driven by generating powerful B2B brand strategies that have a big impact on organisations. She loves getting to the bottom of why brands exist, what makes them different and the human, emotional side of brands.

Becky has worked across all types of organisations from SMEs to large multinationals. Her experience covers most industries including pharmaceuticals, technology, manufacturing, professional services, construction, and charities.

Becky formed Embrace Marketing in 2015 to offer a unique full-service brand and marketing approach. Embrace is founded on the mindset of in-house marketers combined with agency creative, brand and digital knowledge. Our services include brand strategy and visual identity development, website design, digital marketing, and creative content.

The clients Becky works with are all B2B and not-for-profit organisations that are making a difference to the world. They inspire our team every day. We are proud to work with clients who develop ground-breaking approaches to sustainability, who help bring better outcomes for patients and those with incredible people-first cultures.

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If you're ready to embrace what makes you different, then we'd love to hear from you.