Does your organisation have a clear and compelling brand story? How about your marketing and communications – are you making instant and emotional connections through storytelling?

Storytelling offers a fantastic opportunity to connect with target audience/s and yet it’s largely untapped for many. We thought we’d develop a model to share how all organisations can be making the most of this fantastic technique!

Meet ‘PURE’ our latest storytelling solution. It covers the key steps we take to develop powerful and succinct narratives for our clients. PURE comprises of four key stages: Purpose, Uniqueness, Resonance and Explore.

Let’s begin…


Purpose starts with setting clear objectives on what your narrative needs to achieve. It’s important that you define the reasons for the communication and who you are targeting. You should also consider what success looks like to you and how you plan to measure this. Is it engagement levels within your target audience or direct enquiries for example?


This stage is about uncovering what makes the story special.  What are your main themes and how will the story stand out from the crowd? Including individual perspectives creates an emotional and instant connection with your audience. Being as personal and individual as possible will keep your story distinctive and memorable – helping to build stronger relationships.

It’s also good to share your unique knowledge with your audience. Often, we see our clients taking their knowledge for granted. If you’re experienced in your field, then you’ll no doubt have lots of golden nuggets to share with your audience!


Take the time to understand what will best resonate with your audience. Knowing what content to share is one side, but how you share it is another. By setting a hierarchy of information to convey – you’ll start to create a clear structure.

Keep your language succinct and impactful. Punchy messaging will make your story easy to digest and memorable. Waffling is never a good look! But emotion is ultimately a determining factor for success. It’s essential that you balance both emotion and rational messaging within your story. We suggest leading with emotional messaging but backing this up where needed with key statistics and quotes.


Now you’ve done the groundwork, it’s time to get creating! A wide range of media for your target audience to explore will help reinforce your key messages. Make sure you think about the best ways to tell your story – whether that be through video, animation, infographics, etc. Both digital and traditional approaches should be considered – never rule anything out! Deciding which channels to best reach your audience comes into play too.

So, there we have it! If you’re looking to instantly connect with your audience/s through storytelling, give us a shout!

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This latest thinking article was written by:

Becky Readon
Managing Director