Intranet design

“What exactly is an intranet and what is the benefit of having one?”, you might ask.

Previously, poorly designed intranets had a bad name, with the stigma of being clunky and full of outdated files. But now, they’re considered a fantastic employee tool which can be in the form of a centralised website or SharePoint, hosted on a company’s internal network.

Following the pandemic, more than eight in ten workers who worked from home said they planned to continue hybrid working – and the number of hybrid workers continues to rise. But with that comes a problem. People are no longer as connected as they once were, and communication has dropped in the workplace.

Is everyone in your team on the same page? Does everyone share the same business goals? How you communicate internally should be just as important as your external focus.

Take a look, below, as we share how well-designed intranets can solve your internal communication challenges.

Can you relate?

When a company reaches a certain size, it’s hard to convey updates and messages to your team. Not everyone can attend meetings at the same time, things are forgotten and there’s no designated place to refer back to information previously given. How do you make sure everyone is using the latest version of internal documents in terms of training, policies or templates?

When you onboard a new member of your team, it’s important for them to understand how your company works and to provide them with the necessary information needed to become a fully-fledged part of your business. Do they have easy access to discover who is the right person to contact, to view meetings or available training, or to learn your company values, vison and mission? What if a colleague wants to book annual leave or submit an absence? We think it’s time to cut back on your meetings and emails and streamline your communication to make work more efficient!

Resolve your internal comms challenges

Intranets have hugely evolved and offer a great solution to ongoing communication gripes. They can be set up on WordPress and a team or agency can be given access to continuously maintain updates. However, it’s important that they’re designed and built to suit the needs of the business, otherwise they might just become redundant.

Here’s how your team can benefit from a well-designed intranet

  • WordPress intranets can easily be password protected, so all data is stored confidentially on an internal website
  • Store and share the final version of important team documents in one place such as your handbook, training courses and materials, key personnel contact lists, marketing materials and more
  • Impress new employees with an organised system that has all the key company information they need
  • Share your important business messages on a regular basis across your team such as new starters, promotions, new client wins, new processes, and key company initiatives

A modern intranet is a fantastic inclusive way to communicate to your team wherever they are working. Make sure your messages are clear and visible to your whole team so that everyone is on the same page.

If you’d like help in building an internal intranet to suit the needs of your business, contact us for an initial chat. We specialise in B2B and not-for-profit clients, including the creation of small to large WordPress intranets to suit your individual needs.

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This latest thinking article was written by:

Ciarán Readon
Digital Director