When you hear the word ‘animation’, what springs to mind?

Animations are rapidly becoming one of the strongest marketing tools for B2B businesses. Why? They’re multi-purpose! They continue to hit the mark and are extremely impactful. It’s believed that viewers retain 95% of messages when they watch them in a video and a whopping 85% of customers want to see more video content from brands. They’re certainly in demand!

We thought it would be helpful to put together a few suggestions of what can turn animations from ‘average to ‘stand out’. Check out our thoughts below.

The golden ninety

It’s always important to keep your audience engaged, because having long, tedious animations will only drive them away! The golden rule is that all animations should be around ninety seconds in length. This will ensure you don’t create information overload– which will inevitably grow your engagement! If you’re struggling to condense your entire message into ninety seconds, why not create a bitesize video series, instead? This way, knowledge retention and time management will keep your audience absorbed.

Word count

Basically, don’t get carried away! Animations should be short and snappy, and if you try to squeeze 1,000+ words into a ninety-second animation, then it just isn’t going to work! The ideal word count for your video is around 210–220 words. Then, the copy on your animations will be kept at a manageable speed for your viewers to read. It may not seem a lot, but to keep your video effective, it’s vital that you follow this rule – numbers don’t lie! Whether you have words on the screen, a voiceover or both, the same word count will apply.


As the saying goes: fail to prepare, then prepare to fail! A great animation will always be prepped and planned, to ensure your video is as streamlined as possible. So, whether you’re creating a storyboard or script beforehand, the choice is yours! Getting your software, voiceover (if required) and audio tracks right is extremely key too. If you invest more into your animations, you’ll avoid an unprofessional final product – which can help your rewards rocket.


It’s no good letting your animation sit on a hard drive – so get your video out to the world! There’s a magnitude of platforms on which you can share your message, including social media, email campaigns, your company website and YouTube. Your keywords, SEO and budget also play a huge part in how you can escalate the status of your animation. After all, you do want your brand to make an impression!

That’s it! If you’d like help creating animations for your business, get in touch with us today by emailing hello@weareembrace.com.

This latest thinking article was written by:

Katie Hargreaves
Senior Content Excecutive