Did you know that 54% of podcast listeners are more likely to consider brands they hear about in podcasts?

It’s not surprising to learn they’re becoming increasingly popular to a vast number of listeners. Podcasts have been on the rise since they were first introduced in 2004. We’ve seen a rapid increase in our clients wanting to create them for their own B2B customers. Podcasts can either be face-to-face or recorded remotely, which is reassuring to hear in the new hybrid world.

So, here’s why we think you should consider generating podcasts for your audience.

Personal branding

Podcasts are a fantastic way to demonstrate thought leadership. They allow you to share your knowledge and expertise on many topics within your chosen industry. Not only that, but they also let you share your personal perspectives and views on many subjects and enable great talking points across the board. It’s important that you express your business’s genuine and honest nature, as this will boost your brand’s trust towards your clients; not forgetting, your personal engagement will rocket, too!


Podcasts are totally diverse and can be used across various content forms. Your audience can either listen, watch, or read a write-up. This means podcasts are multipurpose – winner! Depending on which way your market prefers to consume information, you’ll be able to provide a suitable way of sharing your business’s content, whether on YouTube, Spotify, a blog, or all. With many people now working from home, there are no excuses for your podcast to be missed (even if it means listening whilst making a brew!).

Don’t be scared

Simply put, they’re easier than you might think. It’s important that you invest some time into planning ahead. Having at least a rough idea of what the topic of your conversations will be about is vital to providing value to your listeners. Before recording, make sure you’ve done your research on the topic and that you’re completely comfortable. This way, you’ll appear entirely natural. Write an outline, draw up some ideas and get creating.

So, what are you waiting for? Start engaging with your audience! Get in touch to see how we can help record your podcast, face-to-face or remotely: hello@weareembrace.com

This latest thinking article was written by:

Katie Hargreaves
Senior Content Excecutive