Can you believe that by 2040, 95% of purchases, no matter what kind, are predicted to be made online? It’s an outstanding statistic, but one which we’re not overly surprised with.

eCommerce has continued to soar in recent years, even more so since the pandemic. Despite things looking to be getting back on track, COVID-19 continues to be a driving force for the evolution of B2B digital marketing strategy.

If you’re a B2B organisation with the ability to sell products/services, then now is the time to implement an effective eCommerce strategy. If you don’t, your competitors will almost certainly get ahead!

So, we thought it’d be useful to share how B2B eCommerce has grown, and why, as well as the key benefits of using eCommerce as part of your digital strategy.

Here goes…

The sky’s the limit

The growth of eCommerce isn’t slowing down anytime soon. In fact, it’s developing at a rate of 23% year-on-year! Millennials are the largest group to make the shift and it looks like the move is pretty permanent, with 54% now purchasing online. The future is certainly looking bright for those who are selling products online as people continue to buy on the web as opposed to physical stores. Whilst this latter point might seem more relevant to B2C, the quicker we can adapt in B2B the more digital sales opportunities there will be to match this growing trend.

Meeting customer demands

Despite the rosy outlook, a surprising number of companies have not brought their businesses up to speed with the world of eCommerce. By changing your digital efforts, you’ll have access to a larger, global customer base. Let’s face it, buyers want knowledge and access to products and services around the clock, not just during traditional local office hours. The more helpful content on our websites which resonates with the audience and the stronger the customer digital route to purchase to better.


As well as allowing your customers to purchase your products online, B2B eCommerce solutions also offer numerous benefits for your business. Not only will you have an automated way to sell you products and services, but your internal processes from purchase to delivery can also be made more efficient through third-party integration. To further add to your customers digital experience and your sales efforts, your website is a great place to cross-sell and upsell. By offering relevant suggestions you can make customers aware of related items and product/service upgrades. If that wasn’t enough, you’ll also be reducing costs through automation, continuously learning, and adapting through website analytics and ultimately staying ahead of competitors!

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Ciarán Readon
Digital Director