Bye 2021, hello 2022! As digital marketing continues to soar, becoming increasingly important for many businesses, it’s crucial that we all plan and structure our digital strategies for the year ahead.

So, we’ve decided to compile the latest digital marketing trends and we’d love to share them with you.

Social media steams ahead

It’s no surprise to us to see social media rocketing up the ladder and coming out on top. Over the past few years, it’s been an essential component for every business. According to year-end research, social media is high up there with email and the company website as the a top channel in 2021. Social media marketing opens a number of doors, empowering very targeted connections and engagement with prospective customers. What better way to refine your marketing strategy, eh?

Videos everywhere

Animations and videos have continued to be progressively popular for about a decade in B2B and this is likely to continue. Videos are totally diverse and are great for a number of uses. You can repurpose your content across all your channels, whether on YouTube, Spotify, a blog, or all. There are lots of opportunities to be creative and to stand out from your competitors. This is not one to be missed!

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning have certainly disturbed the marketing world for quite some time, and we can’t see it coming to a standstill anytime soon. Studies show that 61% of marketers consider it as the most significant component of their data strategy. It can be a great help in personalising campaigns, refining client bases, automating lengthy processes, and streamlining monotonous activities. ‘Sounds good, right? Throughout 2022, we predict that this technology will only continue to evolve and become an even more vital piece of the jigsaw.


Personalisation is one of the prime drivers of marketing success. Keeping the needs and preferences of your target audience at the forefront of your plan will help gain further insights and enhance your consumers’ experience. Taking an account marketing approach helps to build relationships in a targeted way with your high value clients and tailoring content to suit individual client needs will keep you relevant and memorable.


This one isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has been around for yonks but it’s something you should never give up on. Organisations are now beginning to interact with their clients solely in the digital space and this has rapidly increased during the pandemic. So, it’s key that you keep all hands-on deck with your website, because, if you put the time aside to improve your site, you’ll only be increasing the visibility of it. The greater visibility your pages have in search results, the more attention you gain!

Don’t hide

This one is super simple – respond to your customers! When B2B buyers avoid self-serve and contact your sales team, you need to be rapid in answering. Recent research shows that 72% of buyers in the UK say the timeliness of B2B businesses’ responses to their enquiries is very or extremely important. Without doubt, this is an easy fix to gain new business and is a simple element to compete with.

So, there we have it! Using these digital marketing trends in your strategies for 2022 will put you in good stead. If you’d like help developing your marketing strategy, or to grow your brand, get in touch.

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This latest thinking article was written by:

Katie Hargreaves
Senior Content Excecutive