We’re not far into 2022, but that isn’t stopping us looking further ahead into the year to try and gage what the newest website trends are going to be.

Website elements like content, design and navigation will inevitably always be around – however, the components that shape them are regularly changing. It is important that you keep on top of these ever-changing components, because your competition is and you don’t want to be left in their trail.

Since there are many styles and techniques emerging, we thought we’d gather and share the latest website trends which we are expecting to dominate in 2022.

Page speed prioritisation

Speed is now a landing page factor for both Google Search and Google Ads and is becoming an increasingly important consideration for multiple web developers this year. Users’ expectations are now elevated, and a slow loading page just won’t make the cut! Not only is it a missed opportunity, but you’ll also be giving your brand a bad name. Did you know that 53% of users will abandon a page that takes more than three seconds to load? It looks like patiently staring at loading screens is long gone!

Growth on e-commerce

Throughout the pandemic, online sales soared due to shop closures and many spending more time at home. A whopping 90% of B2B buyers say they’ll be willing to digital self-serve-end-to-end- to make a B2B purchase! It’s unbelievable how much things have changed for B2B marketing and sales. Due to its accessibility, ecommerce is continuing to grow as sales can happen around the clock rather than office hours only. Not only that, they also have access to tailored experiences, more options, and a user-friendly approach for everyday tasks too.

Accessibility and availability

Inclusivity is a growing need for web design, as more people are becoming aware that the needs of people with disabilities must equally be considered. Aesthetics are the main focus for many website design projects; but, to succeed, you need an accessible design which is suitable for different situations. Owning a site which every visitor can navigate and interact with means there should be no barriers to access, allowing you to rocket conversion and boost SEO, leading to more enquires and goals ticked. Winner? We think so, too.

Typographic hero image

When users first open your website, your hero image is the first glimpse visitors will have of your company and your offering – so it has to make an impact! You need to have simple and straightforward messaging to captivate your audience so that they gain a great first impression. Applying fonts that complement the hero banner, not overcrowding the image and using contrasting typographics with shadows or overlays are just some of the ways you can showcase tasteful and imaginative lettering.


Scrollytelling is a popular and welcomed way to leverage a digital interface and dynamically tell multimedia stories. In traditional-format articles, readers may shift their attention between the copy and graphics to fathom what they are reading. However, scrollytelling takes that burden away and allows your users to navigate and control their flow in a personalised way. With smartphone and tablet consumer numbers continuing to rise, they are now one of the most used applications on our devices, thanks to their easy scrolling timelines – it also works just as well on computers!

Light/dark mode toggle

This one is set to be a big hype in 2022 and, if it’s not already in your plans, it should be. In recent years, more people have grown to appreciate the ability to toggle between the two modes. Why? It’s great for your users’ visibility. The average person spends at least seven hours each day looking at a screen, so a harsh bright light isn’t deemed attractive throughout the day. To combat sore and tired eyes for your website visitors, you should ensure your web design has colour palettes for both dark and light modes – and most devices support it.

There you have it, that’s a roundup of the website trends we’re anticipating will take 2022 by storm.


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This latest thinking article was written by:

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