How joined up is your sales and marketing? Are you using a customer relationship management (CRM) system to track your prospects and customers and to align your sales and marketing activities?

We find that many SMEs struggle to implement the best CRM for them and keeping it updated across the sales and marketing team is another story! Often businesses have client records in various and sometimes random forms! Without a CRM, your team is bound to feel disorganised and at risk of missing sales opportunities.

It’s not surprising that 72% of businesses say a CRM offers them access to better customer data. Not only does a readily updated CRM keep you in the know across your prospects and customers so you never miss an opportunity, but it’s also super helpful for reporting.

Here are some fantastic benefits from making the most of a CRM system…

Know your audience

CRMs are a fantastic opportunity to get to know your audience well and to build a solid relationship with them. They allow access to who is engaging with your content and what they’re interested in. By having an insight into this information, you’ll be able to better predict their behaviour for future campaigns and anticipate their needs. Not only that, but you’ll then be able to segment your audience into lists and send valuable content to them that is meaningful and useful.

Get organised

What better feeling than being organised and stress-free, eh? Well, CRMs can provide you with just that. By automating and sorting your client information into one system, you and your team will instantly feel more productive. CRMs can store an array of data, including your customer profiles, sales pipeline, email campaigns, analytics and website activity – all in one centralised hub. The days of digging through old files and records is a thing of the past! Get your sales and marketing team joined up and making the most of a CRM on a daily basis.

Save time

How many times have you said, “The weeks are flying by”? Most people would probably agree. Often, days and weeks seem to pass so quickly, and your never-ending lists continue to grow. CRMs are the perfect solution to saving time and money. They allow you to automate emails and track KPIs, notifications, invoices, pipeline stage transitions and activity logs – just to name a few! This will result in great benefits for your organisation, too, such as reduced manual effort, sales increase, higher lead qualification rates, streamlined tasks and improved customer satisfaction. What’s not to like?


Not every system suits all. Most CRMs will allow you to filter and select which functions your business would benefit from most; and, whether you’re a small–medium-sized business or a large enterprise, there’s something for everyone. Don’t let seemingly complex CRMs or the time to migrate put you off! The perfect CRM for you will help you stay competitive and allow you to keep track of all your interactions with clients. You’ll stay in control of your sales and marketing efforts and maintain strong relationships with your existing contacts. Get in touch if you’d like our recommendations on a CRM and how you can join up sales and marketing and get the most out of your customer buying journey.

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This latest thinking article was written by:

Katie Hargreaves
Senior Content Excecutive