Are you developing a new website or refreshing your existing site?

Developing a new website for your organisation is one of the most exciting projects to be involved in! But it can be daunting. Especially as website innovation moves so quickly. Traditionally the challenging part of new website development used to be coding. Thanks to CMS platforms like WordPress that parts got a lot easier. But alongside that there’s been a sharp rise in Google Search and digital innovation. 

It’s a complex task creating a new site especially if you’re taking on a large site, with many stakeholders who are part of the process. We like to help guide and simplify complexities at Embrace and here are the nine vital tried and tested steps we follow when building a new website:

Data, research and strategy

Deep dive into your digital and customer data, using analysis and interpretation to develop a results-driven strategy and plan.

User experience and interface design

If you don’t have them already, we’d recommend creating customer personas to understand your audience. Map out your user’s journey, developing wireframes and place user experience (UX) at the fore.

Copywriting and content

Make sure your copy instantly connects with your audience. They’ll immediately understand what sets you apart and why they should explore your site to find out more.

Search and SEO

Use a digital marketing tool to inform a Search and SEO action plan (ask us about Embrace’s REACH tool). Get ready for increased targeted traffic and conversion for your website.

Design and build

We recommend developing several creative website design concepts that energise your brand. It’s always good to look at safe, middle ground and boundary pushing options. Make sure you also have the best website functionality to best engage your audience.

Optimisation and load speed

As standard your site should be optimised across devices and browsers. But make sure you also apply the latest load speed techniques.

WordPress CMS

We recommend developing your new website in WordPress – by far the most popular CMS out there. It’s secure, optimises well and you’ll be able to make updates such as uploading blogs.

Testing and launch

Ready for launch? Make sure your website has been fully tested across devices and browsers before it goes live. You’ll also want to maximise your initial traffic through a multichannel website launch plan – targeting current and new clients.

Website integration

Assess what 3rd party integration platforms you might need including analytics, eCommerce, CRM, heat mapping, and lead generation. Integration keeps everything joined up and you can automate key processes. Think about what you want to achieve and with website innovation rapidly progressing, your solution will likely already be out there.

Ready to increase enquiries and leads with a new or refreshed website? Contact us for an initial chat about the development of your website. We specialise in B2B and not-for-profit clients including large, complex websites, landing pages for lead generation and internal intranets.

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This latest thinking article was written by:

Ciarán Readon
Digital Director