Christmas is just around the corner! Where has the year gone?!

When we all begin to wind down for the festive season, the B2B world, in turn, becomes less engaged with online content as they prepare for the new year ahead. So, how do you still grab your market’s attention?

The question “Have we anything to gain from an end-of-year marketing push?” come to mind when considering whether to jump on the bandwagon or not. Unlike B2C brands, who are ramping up their efforts, B2Bs tend not to see Christmas as a way of generating business, as they are less consumer-focused.

But they really should! And here’s why…

Get personal

For many, Christmas is a time of joy and happiness – so why not spread a little festive cheer? This is a great time to have a more emotive touch with your customers. Why not share your company’s personality and values through a bit of Christmas fun? Gone are the days of anything that just feels like promo or a pitch – it’s not a time for lead generation! But instead, it’s the perfect opportunity to build your emotional brand connections, nurture relationships and demonstrate your most important assets – your people!

Something about a ‘team Christmas’ video or animation screams ‘personal’. It’s a moment to thank your customers and clients, letting them get to know the faces behind your business. Why not try a festive Q&A with your team – who wouldn’t want to know what the best part of a Christmas dinner is (roast potatoes!)? Or, have a laugh, choreograph a dance, or present a festive ditty! If you’re brave enough, an amusing role play can be hilarious, too.

Round up the year

If none of the above work for you, there’s always another route to go along. If you’re looking for something more professional to demonstrate you are the market leaders within your sector, you could try an infographic or animation which can do just that.

The ideal balance might be found by celebrating the achievements, successes, and highlights of your year. It’s a nice, light touch and highlights your contribution, while also lifting the spirits of your colleagues – a reminder of all their hard work.

Sharing your goals and ambitions for the coming year is also another great way to demonstrate your market leading position. Better still, have a yearly round up and then a what’s to come in 2023. Be the competitor that hits the ground running in January to grab the limelight!

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This latest thinking article was written by:

Katie Hargreaves
Senior Content Excecutive