2023 is set to be an exciting year for graphic design. The combination of constantly evolving AI tools as well as an increased desire for more of a human touch will see varied bold leaps taken in the design world. Here are a few, in no particular order, of our favourite trends for the coming year.


Design trends

 #1 Elevating creativity through AI

Whatever your outlook is on the use of AI, the elevation of all things creative with various programmes is on the rise. Allowing creatives to reach their full potential and constantly push the boundaries, it’s a trend that we will all learn to embrace across imagery, video, animation and sound. Being able to generate almost anything with the few clicks of a button will not only see new bold, exciting, previously unimaginable ideas being brought to life, it will also streamline workflow across different platforms.

Due to the polarising viewpoints on AI, we may also see an increase of more traditional design methods being brought back into the picture, with some designers rebelling against these ‘artificial’ techniques.


Design trends

#2 Sustainability

Climate change and sustainability affect trends across pretty much every industry now, but this year the focus in the design world will be to reduce packaging and print, creating more and more digital outputs instead. Reduced packaging will result in reduced areas for design, resulting in an increased pressure in ensuring clutter-free, impactful graphics with fabulous fonts and punchy palettes.


Design trends

#3 Increased use of cartoons

A craving for relatable and friendly graphics will see an increase in cartoon style graphics, icons, and animations. We will see more ‘serious’ brands utilise this style to stand out in a crowded market place, creating a much more varied landscape allowing more premium and cooler brands to co-exist. Cartoons are another way that designers can push the boundaries and communicate in a more flexible, weird and wonderful way than say stock imagery or real life videography.


Design trends

#4 Moving type

The newfound love of type-only branding and maximalist typography will see a rise in the use of moving type, especially with the availability of certain AI programmes which enable designers to ‘easily’ create new fonts. Whether it’s animations, videos, across social media or websites, moving type will be grabbing attention and adding another layer of emotion when communicating brand messages this year.


Design trends

#5 Blending of 2D and 3D graphics

Add something extra this year by combing two awesome styles at the same time. Enabling you to push the boundaries in both animations and static graphics, adding extra depth and extra clout, this technique will make you stand out from the crowd. Juxtaposed traditional 2D graphics with modern 3D graphics will ensure a truly unique look and feel to your designs.

So there we have it, the biggest trends that we think will take the design world by storm in 2024.

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This latest thinking article was written by:


Grace Williams
Head of Design