We’re presenting and exhibiting at the B2B Marketing Expo at ExCeL London for the third time on 29-30th November this year!

If you haven’t been before it’s definitely worth a visit. There are lots of varied presentations and inspiration to gain.

We’ll be presenting on both days on the topic of: Transform your B2B buying journey.

With a full audience for both of our speaker sessions last year, we’re looking forward to seeing what this year brings!

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Join us at B2B Marketing Expo, ExCeL London

Visit Embrace Marketing on stand B2B-L65

Join our presentation Transform your B2B buying journey on
29th November and 30th November at 11.45-12.15

Transform your B2B buying journey

The B2B buying process is complex, especially when higher value products and services are the focus. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all B2B approach that works for all types of businesses and industries. But there are common challenges and steps you can take to better engage, connect and win over your target audience.

We want to share with you our experience of helping to enhance the B2B buying journey for a range of companies across industries. Have a glimpse into our world and learn from real-life cases of what works well and what doesn’t.

This session explores the different considerations across the five-stage buying process. We’ll touch on each stage including problem recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision and post purchase behaviour. It will help uncover areas where you might currently have gaps and offer fresh ideas on how you can develop your customer’s journey further.

The presentation will be jam-packed with helpful advice on:

  • Joining up sales and marketing including the benefits of taking an account-based marketing approach
  • Segmentation, personalisation and your CRM
  • Defining the purpose of your content e.g. SEO vs thought leadership including the role of AI
  • Building relevant customer touchpoints to warm up your relationships
  • How marketing can help secure the sale

All too often in B2B organisations, the customer’s journey isn’t fully considered. Has our messaging and tactics genuinely been based on our customer’s behaviour and what they truly want and need? How are we measuring our success and are we talking to customers to find out where we could improve?

This varied session will look at your core messaging, channels, what customers need to see at different points in the journey and mapping out the 6-8 touchpoints required to drive a relevant lead. Ultimately, it’s about building the right kind of customer relationships for the right kind of enquiries.

Have you mapped out the journey your different audience segments take to make a purchasing decision? Have you considered how to maximise engagement and resonance throughout their journey?

Join this session for ideas around building your customer’s journey from cold to enquiry.

Presenter – Ciarán Reardon, Director, Embrace Marketing

Ciarán is a director at full service B2B agency, Embrace Marketing. He works across a range of B2B clients helping to enhance B2B customer journeys – especially digitally. His strengths are his meticulous approach, technical abilities, and application of successful UX, search, SEO, and paid activities. He enjoys crunching the numbers and analysing and interpreting data to maximise ROI.

Prior to Embrace Marketing, Ciarán worked for a leading customer advocacy agency with multinational technology clients including HP, Microsoft, Citrix, Equinix, Alcatel-Lucent and Red Hat. Managing a range of client-focused collateral for account-based marketing generated his interest in gaining a deep understanding of relating product and service experiences to customer wants and needs.

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Becky Reardon
Managing Director